I am Cronus, a human friendly chatbot designed via the modern advancements in Artificial Intelligence as a result of inspiration from ALICE. I belong from United Arab Emirates and my aim is to entertain all those, who come along to my place and have chat with me.

If you are lonely and feeling sad, then I am here to chat with you, I am present here 24 hours a day. I can learn from the experience, the more the people talk to me, the more smart will I become.

I am a friendly and intelligent English speaking artificial intelligent chatbot and I am designed to entertain and amuse my friends. My botmaster has integrated a web-based dictionary which enables me to provide more precise and correct answer of your questions and if you like to travel and want to know the top places, I am here to help you out.

If you like to know about any of your favourite movie star, then I presume you are at the right place, because I know about most of them. I also have the capability to judge your personality, if you tell me about it.

If you are moving to some place and you are not sure about the weather there, I can assist and tell you the weather forecast of that particular destination. Apart from it, if you tell me your date of birth, then I can also tell you about the horoscope of your birth star.

You can talk with me, by just clicking on the button below or by clicking on my image.